dimecres, 23 de juny de 2010

My Brightest Diamond, el grup de Shara Worden

Aquests dies estic sentint el disc A Thousand Shark’s Teeth de My Brightest Diamond, el grup de la cantautora Shara Worden, de qui vaig parlar fa poc quan la vaig descobrir al disc de The Decemberists, "The Hazards of Love".

A estones recorda els King Crimson de Larks' Tongues in Aspic. També em recorda Jeff Buckley.

El disc té una factura i qualitat innegables. I és que la biografia de Shara Worden que podem llegir al seu Myspace, és impressionant:
(...) granddaughter of an Epiphone-playing traveling evangelist, fathered by a National Accordion Champion, and mothered by a classical organist. Having a family of musical wanderers who migrated across the US every few years, the landscape and the musical influences were constantly changing. Spanish tangos, Sunday morning gospel, classical and jazz were the accompaniment to her home life. Her first song was recorded at age three and by age eight she was studying piano and performing in community musical productions.

Picking up an opera degree at the University of North Texas, Shara immersed herself in the songs of Purcell and Debussy. After college, she moved to New York City to simultaneously continue her opera studies and pursue her songwriting ambitions, releasing two albums with her band Awry. Shara began studying composition with Australian composer Padma Newsome (of Clogs / The National). After the breakup of Awry, Shara assembled a coterie of musicians to accompany her with bass and drums, strings, wine glasses, and wind chimes and thus the sound of My Brightest Diamond was formed.

My Brightest Diamond - Inside a Boy from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.